Wednesday, April 21, 2010

blog #15 abstract

now that i have changed my topic, my abstract would basically be:
Fraternities and sororities are popular student based organizations and known for building their members as well as pledges' charcater and personality. But the hazing practices that the pledges are forced upon during their pledge process is ridiculous and brutal. This brutality has often physically and mentally affected the pledges sometimes even risking death. one of the main reasons behind these rituals is often found to be the cycles of revenge that goes through each line over generations. All the members take out their anger with their pledge process on the new upcoming lines and this feeling of revenge continues making the pledging process harder than the last line which sometimes lead to severe consequences. One of the ways that probably could stop this cycle would be to properly educate the members about the limits and cautions in the pledge process.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

blog # 14

My project has gotten much more specific over time but its not anywhere near to be considered a good research paper. At first when i was told to pick a topic for my research paper i didnt hesitate or reevaluated once what i want to reserach into. it came instantly to my mind i want to write about hazing. Being a part of a sorority myself i know what pledging is like and also carious hazing practices carried on throughout the process. it was a topic i could relate to the most. At this point of time i have most of my sources laid out. all i need to do is get my primary source with an OFSA worker and also put some pictures and use more of Nuwere Hank as he has written two detailed books on hazing with good interviews and pictures. i also need to edit some of the propoganda type of stuff and replace it with eveidences to bavck up my claims. my thought about the topic has changed not a lot but to a limited extent as my initial view on hazing was it is required and its has a meaning to it and i was confused between what should be done to prevent it and who is responsible. but now my ideas about the topic has changed a lot and has become specific as the only thing now that i focus on solely is the reasons behind hazing and how the urge to belong of the pledges make them bear and tolerate through all the ridiculous hazing rituals.the interviews of the pledges and their families given in Nuwer 's books gave me the best understanding of the topic. my own personal experiences, resent story of six sigma gamma rho sisters getting arrested has inspired me the most to write about this issue . i have learned that blogs do help it helpds you be more organized and not leave stuff till last minute. I have also learned that drafts even though rough and not actually graded should be taken seriously and handed in on time. I have learned to proofread the paper more than once after gettign my grade on analytic essay. i have learned how to give better titles and start the rsearch paper right on topic instead of writing out a broad propoganda about the as a writer sucks but i did like writing about this topic it was interesting.i can write good papers if i have good quotes, i just need a better vocab. and not repeat words.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Visual aids

This picture would be very helpful in showing how hardcore the hazing is not only in fraternities but sororities. From the picture it can be seen , a sorority pledge is wrapped up in duck tape all naked in the woods and probably got bullied and harrassed verbally and physically. It matches my thesis as whoever who sees this picture would say : why do pledges agree to being hazed if it entails this and also whats the value in it and what do greek lettered society get out of this?
This picture portrays the very known and popular hazing ritual of making the pledges drink, especially in fraternities. In my research paper i have provided stories of pledges who died because of extensive drinking and hence this picture is significant as it backs it up.
also the videos
1. this video portrays a news story of pledging caught on tape and brutal beating of the pledges is going on in the fraternities.
2. : its a documentary on how a innocent pledge was killed and interview of his mom and sister is also given. In addition it is a very influential documentary and gives out a very important message revealing the dangers of hazing

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog #12 revision plan

I.As per my rough draft #1 i have to give a couple of hours to forming a better thesis and reevaluating and analyzing my research question and introduction.
nuwer Hank and his two books " Broken Pledges" and " Wrongs of Passage" are my two main sources that provide my supporting viewpoint.
Research question: why do fraternities and sororities allow to haze even though its illegal, what is the value in it and what can be done to stop it?
Thesis:( not final): Hazing rituals are most of the times responsible for serving its purpose of character development and enhancement the pledges' inner potentials, but brutal hazing rituals have led to numerous death incidents and severe psychological and physical effects on the pledges; despite the illegaity enticed in it fraternities and sororities still manage to haze and stringent measures should be taken against these brutal hazing practices.

II. First i would like to explain what the value in hazing, what are all the hazing rituals meant for? there must be something the pledges and the active members get out of these hazing rituals. The article : " whats right with fraternities and sororities " and also Grandillo's article " Social fraternities and sororities" provide me with the conclusion that Hazing is indeed meant to build the chracter and personality of the pledges and to test their strengths and weaknesses as well as capabilities.

III. Secondly, Hank provides counterpoint to the above given authors as he brings out the negative side of hazing. He provides stories of pledges who have died or have gotten seriously injured in their pledging process. Also, the news articles of the recent Sigma Gamma Rho incident at rutgers and also the star ledger article on the other pledges who have died and also the article " Black Greek Death Watch". ALong with various pictures i can provide atleast five examples of the impacts and consequences of hazing and what led it to be banned legally in almost all states.

IV. Thirdly, and lastly Hank provides answers to what should be done to stop hazing. Stopping hazing is quite next to impossible. As the law banned it , it is still done underground sneaked behind the doors. In this scenario what can the faculty, univeristy, law and the active members of fraternities and sororities do in case of the hazing incident being caught by the univeristy or state police. Hank provides things that can be done , stringent measures that can be taken not to stopp hazing because i dont think it should be stopped but in cases with severe consequences, if reported or brought to attention, are given.

Along with this i had another question if my title " urge to belong" corresponds well to my outline, and also i wanted to know how to post a video up and also if a member from OFSA at rutgers would be a good primary source.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog #11

Hazing is considered illegal but the fraternities and sororities still manage to take it underground and continue to do so therefore whether hazing should be allowed or done is out of questions. The debate falls between the rights and wrongs of these hazing rituals. Is hazing even though considered illegal, has any benefits to the pledges? and also questions like : can hazing in greek lettered socities distinguished amongst its advantages and negative consequences? My case would basically be to reveal that hazing is done regardless of its illegality, but extreme caution and limits should be enforeced on these hazing rituals in order to prevent death risks or other physical and mental dangers involved with the pledges' health. The debate in the previous post basically was is ther wrongs and rights of hazing and if yes who defines them but at this time I dont think personally that scholars whould be able to define the criteria that differentiates between good and bad hazing. My frame work is going to be based upon my new reserach question of why do college fraternities and sororities manage to haze besides the detrimental consequences or may be a question like every hazing ritual has a meaning and purpose to it, are these rituals intended to physically or mentally harm their pledges? the sources that would help ,e frame my case would be Nuwer Hank s book : ' Wrongs of Passage ' and the Star ledger article on the recnt Sigma Gamma Rho incident and also Michael Grandillo s article ' Social fraternities and sororities ' cited earlier in one of the blogs. Moreover, the interview that i will take with the OFSA officer could serve as a helpful primary source.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog # 10 The Debate

There are numerous hot debates on the topic of hazing especially at Rutgers after the recent hazing incident involving sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. My personal view on hazing is based upon my own experiences while i was pledging. Every hazing ritual has a meaning toward it and is supposed to be meant to bring out charcater development, time management skills, enhancement of team work and leadership potentials and also other personality development and networking skills. But hazing is considered illegal in most states, then what allows fraternities and sororities to still manage to haze their pledges underground? and negative consequences of these hazing rituals have been repoted and Nuwer Hank portrays all the people who died from hazing and the interviews iof their families and its effects on them. But is it every hazing ritual thats is hazardous to pledges' mental and physical health or is it just hazing rituals taken to extremes and not peromed merely to perform the long going tradition but as a source of entertainment. i need to get a source that provides a better phrase than " source of entertainment". Moroever another debate couled be raised as to question if hazing bad period, or is there forms of hazing: the good moderate ones that is not harmful and that can be acceptable and bad hazing which often damages the pledges' psychological and physical health and should be dealt with stringent measures.

blog #9 broadening research dimensions

so, not all the sources for the research proposal proved very useful. And moreover after the conference with the Prof. i realized there is much more to the topic of hazing. The debatable issues are: Is hazing pledges bad on the whole or is it bad if done for the hell of it ? as per my discussion with prof. i need to look for a source which i am in search for right now that can help me provide a good phrase into which i can search further and base my paper on. I need a scolarly source to provide me with the limits beyond which hazing should be treated with stringent measures. another debatable issue would be to clarify between bad hazing and good hazing and incorporate this issue in the actual research question of why do fraternities and sororities haze? yes , undoubtedly i am having trouble finding sources i have tried to search hazing in fraternities or sororities as my research phrase in ebsco, gale, iris pais, but i have collected a very limited number of sources . i have found very good news articles of incidents on hazing through google. news but i need to learn how to cite it and also was wondering if its considered a scholarly source. I am very satisfied with the topic chosen for my final research as i can relate to it very well, but the only problem that i might face in order to reach my final research paper drafting sessions would be finding good scholarly sources. i am very sure i want to interview one of the OfSA members as they have experience for years trying to teach fraternities and sororities not to haze. so hopefully over spring break i find all my sources except the primary source needed to finish start on my research paper.